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Maybelline to join Adidas "summer training country" unbridled play wonderful
2017/6/30 12:24:49

Movement whether with makeup? Want a seemingly plain face, but also in the gym to attract countless bright eyes look makeup? Maybelline New York and Adidas "summer training country", from June 21st to July 30th, from Beijing via Shanghai, Chengdu, opened in Guangzhou, the four together to create this movement and make up the perfect combination of exclusive experience, while movement while beauty new height, create value figure Yan double online. Open sports challenge creative, invite you to a summer, wanton play well.

Nowadays, movement represents a challenge attitude and positive way of life. This practice of self, self change, enhance the life attitude and the new Slogan #Make IT Happen# New York Maybelline: Maybelline hopes to self agree without prior without previous consultation through this activity so that more sports enthusiasts found the make-up of the power, more confident, strong and vibrant, and dig out their inner deeper beauty.





June 21st Beijing Sanlitun orange hall, Maybelline and Adidas invited many Master fitness and beauty bloggers to join hand aerobic cardio training courses, professional makeup free site to create motion makeup, with feelings of semi permanent plastic film of the eyebrow makeup effect lasting, good color collocation CC cream stunning and lasting lip liquid dye, simple steps can help shape the long standby good color makeup effect, bid farewell to the fitness sweat makeup awkward.



Sports super durable eyebrow makeup

Semi permanent plastic film eyebrow is Maybelline New York new R & D "black eyebrow makeup technology, a mascara with glue to solve all your problems thrush, save the hand residual party. It's a breakthrough tearing formula and protect the skin eyebrows of gentle plant ingredients, completely without injury to the eyebrows, the skin will not feel the slightest pain, relaxed and instantly let no star star can also play a variety of semi permanent eyebrows.


Maybelline semi permanent plastic film RMB109/5ml

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