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How to use eyebrow can highlight the effect?
2017/6/30 12:25:01

Many women love to use eyebrow, as compared to the eyebrow pencil, eyebrow more natural, and durability and color is better. But some eyebrow requirements are high in use, if people need more - eyebrow makeup makeup skills people to use better, so in the selection of products on how to use the eyebrow eyebrow makeup that can highlight the effect? The eyebrow is more suitable for what kind of people? At the same time, how can I have a long-lasting natural eyebrow makeup? Don't go to tattoo really can not have a lasting makeup eyebrow in summer? NO! With Maybelline's "black technology" new products, these problems can be solved!


Maybelline cosmetics products has been very popular and favorite women, especially recently launched the "black technology" new Maybelline New York semi permanent dye brow gel whether novice master can also make-up for a mascara with glue. The biggest feature of this eyebrow gel is that it can lock locks for at least 24 hours without removing makeup. 24 hours waterproof, stereotypes, the most important is that it can be anti makeup, makeup effect can be up to 3 days Oh Oh, aloe vera, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, collagen, caffeine and other ingredients add, gentle, soothing, no irritation. Tasteless, non irritating, does not hurt the skin and eyebrows, no pain when tearing. The method used is also very convenient one, only gently in eyebrow makeup about painting, to be dry after all stained brow gel gently exposing one can create a lasting eyebrow makeup, and eyebrow makeup is especially natural and lasting all day, no decolorization, anti oil anti sweat special, completely I don't need to worry about the risk of makeup. Whether it is the seaside leisure or travel only in one day in advance to draw good eyebrow makeup, can three days do not have to worry about the wind face makeup. At the same time, this eyebrow gel applies to the skin surface is also very broad, mild and non irritating, and will not hurt eyebrows and delicate skin. It can last 24 hours every time it is used. This paragraph dyeing eyebrow glue has 4 color number, you can choose your own eyebrow color. If you want to change the color of the dress or hair, you can change a favorite of their own, and is very matching eyebrow makeup color oh.


The Maybelline New York semi permanent Mascara glue applied people with wide, if you are a makeup master then, and the dyeing effect of eyebrow brow gel superposition use will be better oh. How to use color eyebrow is more durable, it is added to the Maybelline New York semi permanent Mascara glue used together. Not only eyebrow makeup natural, but also very beautiful. The makeup is also more fresh and natural, want a lasting eyebrow makeup will not miss the New York Maybelline semi permanent mascara with glue and eyebrow together.

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