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Pill beauty to black eye cream, how to use, the effect is better?
2017/6/30 12:25:11

Because after long time of overtime, the eye of the skin of the most vulnerable, especially the black eye will quietly climbed up the eye. The next day, with a big black eye to work, no matter how delicate makeup also completely can not play any effect. Solve eye problem, you need to choose a suitable eye care products. Although there are many brands of eye cream on the market, but on the choice, it is recommended to choose a mild, and at the same time moisturizing eye cream products are most suitable. Has been a favorite female beauty pill to black eye cream, how to use the effect better? This kind of black eye cream is suitable for the age group?


Marubi black eye to eye cream texture is very mild, this eye cream has a very good name: love white color balls white light black eye cream, white packaging is very small fresh, elegant pink looks very cool, the bottle pressing type design with more details, each use only need to press two times can press proper eye cream, gently massage in the eye a few can feel a little temperature. This is the essence of this black eye cream. This cream is known as the world's first "temperature cream" pill the United States to join the French Naolys jointly developed the black light technology, featured live wake effect of tea essence, combined with active ingredients - efficient frankincense dilute the black eye, using infiltration type package technology, more in-depth penetration of the skin around the eyes, let double absorption and have better eye Danhei effect. The eye of the fresh and delicate texture, gently massage the number can be absorbed by the skin, and deep moisturizing the skin, to achieve deep care from the inside out, bright eye week skin, promote blood circulation, improve the eye dry fine lines, fade melanin, and make eye skin looks more delicate and shiny. Japan VC-IP eye net blemish formula, gently dilute the eye spots, bright and bright skin. The use of temperature sensitive technology, such as palm like temperature, can promote the eye blood circulation, speed up eye cream absorption, faster dilute the eye melanin, but this bottle can make the eye skin more transparent nature.


Marubi black eye to eye cream how to use the better? That is, gently in the eye around the skin spin, you can promote eye cream in the eye's absorption, so that more nutrients and essence penetrate the skin around the eye, open the eye temperature care, so that the eye skin cycle. At the same time, it can also make the skin around the eyes more transparent and natural. This black eye cream, the texture is very delicate, applicable skin surface is also very broad oh. At the same time make eye skin more natural light, with a faint fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind feeling.

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