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The lie and truth about the patch mask, an end to all your questions
2017/6/30 12:25:27

Mask as a kind of special care, it is this patch more instantaneous, the type of intensive care, deposited on the skin every day is also a kind of pressure. Especially for sensitive muscles, or inflammation of the skin of honey, the frequency of use is to control.

Pure moisturizing dry skin in the class can be a continuous state of intensive care, auxiliary repair skin barrier, and other functional strong mask is cautious as well.

Here honey sauce is recommended two myself almost every day with the mask.


Muscle us fine hyper osmotic 3D mask

This 3D mask, not only high quality and inexpensive, and it is super moisturizing essence, called parity SK-II mask. It is a fine beauty mask muscle classic, 3D carefully tailored, not only in the nose, chin draping, chin length is more from the previous arrived, extended to be wrapped around the entire full chin and extends to the neck.


Paper mask with general Japanese mask, relatively thick, which is supposed to face some pressure to make more easily absorb the essence of essence, just right, not too much, but definitely enough, for 15-20 minutes, will not feel the essence of evaporation over, take off while the later part of extrusion wipe your neck and hands off the skin is good, very smooth, absorb the essence of good, not like the other mask next shot for a long time to absorb the mask.


Morita hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask

Honey sauce has never been broken it, has been the 5 box of 10 of the store every day, enough no pressure at all. Mask paper is very docile, but Morita mask also specifically for sensitive skin, use very comfortable, time sensitive to red it does not stimulate, can relieve dry. The amount of essence is very enough, general honey sauce will be deposited 5 minutes, and then the remaining essence of liquid and then painted face, lasts 15 minutes to the skin filled with water.


In honey sauce is youpi, more the essence, not completely absorbed after 15 minutes, so it will choose to apply after wash, or continue to feel a little too greasy skin care products.

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