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Used hundreds of bottles of cleansing? The old driver tells you how to buy the right angle goods...
2017/6/30 12:25:46

Summer oil, cleaning must be done in place, do not clean, what is of no use! Wash your face so many times, have you really cleaned it?

Face why oil?

Oil and sebaceous gland secretion of sebum have a great relationship, summer temperatures are high, sebaceous gland secretion, which also leads to what we see "oil" phenomenon. Excess sebum secretion, accumulation in the pores, plug pores, bacteria breeding, it is easy to cause annoying blackhead, acne problems.

Cleansing products do?


Cleanser is mainly divided into two categories, one for theSaponification formulaAnd the other isSynthetic surfactant formulations.


Saponification formula:It is widely used in the market,Alkaline degreasing is strongCleaning power is better too.

Advantages:Cleaning power is very goodAs the saying goes, it is clean! No sense of burden after washing!

Disadvantages: basic is to have a degree, if excessive will cause irritation to the fragile skin, may haveTight or dryThis happens, but not all the saponification formulas are stimulating.

For skin type:Oily Skin.


Surfactant synthesis is based on the surface active agent to determine, basically the cleaning power of fat power are not the same. Honey sauce has chosen two kinds of surface active agent which everybody is familiar with to speak for everybody.


Amino acid based surfactants:It is made up of natural ingredients as raw materialsWeak acidityAt present, many brands have launched this kind of cleansing products.

Advantages: acidic ingredients to the skin irritation,Relatively mild.

Disadvantages: relativelyLow fatThere are many big brands in use, the price is somewhat higher.

For skin type:Dry skin and mix skin.


Amphoteric surfactant:It's verymildCommon in baby care products, in.

Advantages:Foaming propertyVery good, moderate, moderate fat force.

Disadvantages: after washingThere may be false slipFeeling.

For skin type:Mix skin

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